Are you over 50? Plastic Surgery could be an option..

The first sign of lower bowel bleeding is usually invisible to the naked eye and lacks symptoms. If you're over 50 you are at risk. It is recommended that you have a bowel screening test every year as early detection is vital.

The InSure® Bowel screening test requires:

  • No faecal handling
  • No medicine or diet restrictions
  • Easy and convenient to do at home

The InSure® Bowel Screening Service provides a highly accurate test which is easy to complete in the comfort of your own home and is posted back to our laboratory for analysis.

A result letter will be provided to both the patient and their nominated doctor. The customer service team are also available to help answer any queries.

Mummy Makeover and Plastic Surgery

Many over 50's start to see the body to deteriorate and decide to take action and get plastic surgery. Although a bold move it is completely safe and if it makes you feel good then go for it. We recommend a local Plastic Surgeon Dr Tavakoli, as seen on the morning show and various other programs. He specialises in Boob job, nose job, and various other Cosmetic operations in Sydney. Dr Tavakoli is based in Sydney Australia and people travel from all over the world to see him.